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The ShelterBox Challenge
10 months 10 activities!

2010 is ShelterBox’s 10 year anniversary and we want you to help us celebrate, so we’ve created The ShelterBox Challenge.

The ShelterBox Challenge is a brilliant opportunity for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to take part in fun activities, explore the international disaster relief work of ShelterBox and gain a badge (badge awaiting confirmation of approval end Jan’10).

How to Run
The challenge is divided into 10 months, 1 for each year ShelterBox has been delivering aid worldwide. Each month has a different theme to ensure a balanced programme and offers, in most cases, 2 activity options. Sections should complete 1 activity a month from the list to finish the challenge. The challenge can also be adapted to suit your groups' existing programmes.  

We’ve also included supporting documents for every month to give you more information about how each theme relates to our work. Just click on the month to the left and the info you need will appear above under ‘Downloads’.

Important! Make sure you get your complementary pack of additional goodies by emailing us at with your

  • Name & address (to post pack to)
  • The name of your group and how many are taking part

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