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The sun shines on October’s ShelterBox Experience

Young ShelterBox and the ShelterBox International Academy for Disaster Relief have just hosted another hugely successful ShelterBox Experience. The sun shone on Scout Leaders from across the country who travelled to Cornwall to have fun, discover new skills and explore ShelterBox’s world.

‘The weekend was fantastic’ said Ingrid Criddle, ShelterBox’s Training Coordinator, ‘it was a great opportunity to engage Scouts with our work and give them the tools to spread awareness in their communities.’

The course was the third in 2011. Participants took part in a variety of exercises including a navigation task and defusing a nuclear reactor (there was an element of role play throughout the Experience!).

‘I had a fantastic weekend’ said Steph Shapland, a Scout from Bedfordshire, ‘Everyone was friendly, it was very informative and extremely fun – I learnt a lot of new skills!’

ShelterBox has had a formal partnership with The Scout Association since May 2009 and the ShelterBox Experience is one of several initiatives for raising awareness of the charity’s work throughout the UK. The next course takes place in November and 2012 dates will be announced soon.

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