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ShelterBox responds to Turkey earthquake

On the 23 October, a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck southeast Turkey. Approximately 2,000 buildings were destroyed by the quake and many families are now exposed to freezing weather conditions.

With winter setting in, temperatures are expected to plummet and there are even predictions of snow. Shelter is a priority for the thousands of families who have lost everything following the disaster.

ShelterBox immediately mobilised a ShelterBox Response Team (SRT), which is now in the area where the earthquake occurred.

‘It is essential that appropriate emergency shelter is provided as soon as possible’ said David Eby, one of the SRT members. ‘Families left homeless will suffer in the subzero temperatures unless they are provided with warmth and protection.’

The SRT are now liaising with local and international organisations to assess the need for aid. ShelterBox has offered any level of assistance that it can provide and staff and volunteers at ShelterBox HQ, Cornwall, have sprung into action.

Throughout last week, ShelterBoxes, expected to be sent to Turkey, were packed by a dedicated team eager to make a difference. The ShelterBoxes, which are full of essential items like a specially designed tent, blankets, cooking equipment and more, will provide shelter, warmth and dignity to families who’ve lost everything following disaster.

ShelterBox would not be able to operate without the volunteers, fundraisers and supporters who make our work possible. If your School, Scout Group or youth organisation has supported ShelterBox in some way, ShelterBox would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you.