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Scout camp turns into major relief camp

In a place called Ratchuburi, which is 50 kilometers south of Bangkok in Thailand, a Scout camp has become a major relief site. 26 camps have been set up on the site to help families who have been affected by the worst flooding in Thailand for 50 years.

On 12 November, ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members Toby Claridge (UK), Ed Owen (UK) and Scott Robinson (US) delivered 30 tents and a school box to the camp. The Scouts helped the team set up the ShelterBox tents and the first family moved in within minutes.

‘Mr Jaturong Meeborsum, his wife and three children left their home in Nong Khaem, on the outskirts of south eastern Bangkok, when the water level became over waist deep,’ explained Toby. ‘They arrived with more or less with what they stood in.’

Even though the rain has stopped and central Bangkok is recovering, the low lying suburbs that surround the capital are taking the brunt of the flood waters as they head seawards, with new areas being evacuated daily. 

‘The Meeborsum family’s best estimate was that it would be over a month before the waters will have receded enough for them to return home,’ said Toby. ‘But then their homes will still need cleaning and disinfecting from the desease and dirt the flood waters will leave behind.’

ShelterBox has been working closely with Rotarians, local government, Thai Red Cross and International Organisation for Migration (IOM), and provided shelter and other important items such as mosquito nets and water filters to many areas in and around Bangkok, helping over 2000 people.