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Fantastic year for ShelterBox Experience

In March 2011, 17 Network Scouts and Scout Leaders descended on Cornwall for the first ever ShelterBox Experience, a weekend of challenges and activities. Over the following eight months, three more experiences took place and in total, over 60 adult members of Scouting took part in the exciting course to have fun, develop new skills and discover more about ShelterBox.

The final of 2011’s ShelterBox Experiences took place over the weekend – and what a weekend it was. Participants from across the UK came prepared for a weekend of exhilarating tasks in the cold, wet Cornish winter.

The reality was far from cold and wet as the sun was shining and not a drop of rain fell. Instead, the teams of four hiked, camped and built shelters in almost perfect weather (considering the time of year!), leaving waterproof trousers and raincoats buried at the bottom of bags.

‘It was a fantastic weekend,’ said James Webb, Young ShelterBox Project Officer. ‘The participants really engaged with our work and threw themselves into every activity they were presented with.’

The course was the final of 2011’s ShelterBox Experiences and was a great success, with every participant leaving with new skills, friends and knowledge.

‘It was a great experience that has given me a variety of skills to pass onto Cubs and Network. I learnt lots and have a new enthusiasm for ShelterBox’s work,’ said Rob Judd from Warwickshire.

The ShelterBox Experience will return in 2012 when new adult members of Scouting will put their team, navigation and survival skills to the test. For more information, please email