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ShelterBox respond to floods in the Philippines

On 16 December, terrible flash-floods hit the Philippines. The Philippines are a collection of islands in The Pacific Ocean. The storm, Typhoon Washi, has resulted in over 1 million people being affected with more than 10,000 homes being destroyed. ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members have been helping people who have lost everything in two separate camps by providing them with shelter, warmth and hope.

One girl whose home was swept away in the floods is Sherilyn Legezma. After losing her mother and youngest brother in the floods, she is now living in a ShelterBox tent with her Dad: ‘I was terrified at the time but my dad told me that everything was going to be ok. Sure life is harder for us now but ShelterBox has given us a new home as well as hope. My dad was right – everything is going to be ok.’

As well as the tent, a ShelterBox also contains many other items that can help a family in need. Blankets have been keeping people warm during the coldest spells, a cooking stove has ensured hot meals are available and many children have been using their activity packs.

Another child, who lost her father during the storm, has been helping to run a mini-store out of a ShelterBox tent whilst also using it as a home. Little Jane has been assisting in selling food and vegetables to the other local people on the camp.

The Filipino government are working very hard to clear the damaged remains of buildings so that people like Little Jane and Sherilyn can move into new homes. ShelterBox continue to give these people hope and dignity by providing them with the tools to begin re-building their lives.