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Sebastian smashes fundraising target

Sebastian Ford, aged eight, told ShelterBox how he was inspired to help families around the world who lose their homes and belongings after a disaster. His school were visited by their local Rotary Club who talked to them all about ShelterBox’s disaster relief work and it was then that Sebastian decided he would try to raise enough money to sponsor a ShelterBox himself.

After some thinking he came up with a plan to attempt five fun challenges and asked people to sponsor him for doing these. Sebastian’s first challenge was to walk to the top of Mount Snowdon, a mountain in Wales that is over 1000m high! It was very cold and ‘tough on the steep bits’ but both Sebastian and his Dad did this in only four and a half hours. Next up, was Sebastian’s school’s ‘Forde Abbey Run’. This is a long run and Sebastian ran it along with his sister, raising £70 from this alone.

During the challenges, Sebastian had so much amazing support from friends, family and even his local Beaver Scouts Club. They all teamed up and did another long run around their local park. Sebastian said: ‘It was very kind of my friends to join in’. He was very grateful for their support.

By the start of November and after a ‘pumpkin growing’ fundraiser over Halloween, Sebastian had raised over £700. Although this was already more than enough money to fund one ShelterBox, he decided that he would try and raise £1000 by doing one final challenge. This was a festive and very cold swim on Boxing Day! Speaking of the day, Sebastian said: ‘Loads of people came and supported me. Mum made mince pies and mulled cider for the grown-ups. I was nervous about going in. It was much colder than I thought it would be. Freezing! My Dad, who swam with me, encouraged me to keep going. I swam back through the waves and I was really happy to have finished my swim and my year for ShelterBox.’

After lots of running, walking, swimming and a few mince pies, Sebastian raised a whopping £1100 for ShelterBox. This is a brilliant achievement. The money raised will help give warmth, shelter and hope to families who lose their homes all over the world.