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11 year old Heather: 'Our house was totally destroyed'

On 6 February, a very large earthquake shook the Philippines leaving a lot of people without homes or belongings. The Philippines are a group of over 7000 islands in South East Asia. A ShelterBox Response Team has been helping survivors of the earthquake by providing them with shelter and warmth.

Heather is an 11-year old girl from the fishing village of Malusay Luyang, Guihulngan, who lost her entire house. She was living with parents and two younger siblings, 9 year old John Clifort and 7 year old Jamaica Shaan, when the earthquake struck.

Heather said: 'The earthquake happened during lunch. I never got to eat as my lunch fell on the floor. Mum was at school and took my brother, sister and me and we ran to the hills as we were told there was going to be a tsunami. We slept in the hills that night and were all scared. Next day we returned to our village and discovered our house was totally destroyed. The following nights we stayed under a tarpaulin with 70 other people from our village.

'I was scared the earth would open up and swallow me and my family. There were aftershocks during the middle of the night and we all woke up terrified, praying for the shakes to stop.'

Helen and her family are now living comfortably in a ShelterBox tent as they begin to rebuild their lives.