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New sense of community for Lazaro and his family in Peru

During March 2012, very heavy rains caused landslides in some mountainous towns in Peru. Peru is a country in South America that contains both the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforest. The landslides made hundreds of families homeless. Reports say that almost 10,000 hectares of crops were also washed away.
Lazaro Tambraico Huacho is a husband and father who has been forced to leave his home in the mountainous area of Apurimac in Peru, after it was hit by a landslide. Lazaro lived with his wife Eulalia Medina Calle and two children. They were left with nothing after their homes, possessions and even their livestock were destroyed by heavy rain running down the mountain to their hometown.
He said: ‘We already had problems with our land but one night, after very heavy rain, springs appeared within our house. We lost absolutely everything during the landslide - clothes, furniture, livestock, everything. We had to flee and we couldn't take our belongings. We cannot return to our land as it's completely destroyed along with our irrigation system that brought water to feed our crops.'
The town where Lazaro’s family and lots of other families have fled to is thousands of metres above sea level so at night it is absolutely freezing! Before a ShelterBox Response Team delivered 51 ShelterBoxes to the community, families had been living in freezing conditions with no blankets and rain pouring through their shelters.
Eulalia, Lazaro’s wife, said: ‘The tent is beautiful. We’re very happy and it’s nice and warm! We were sleeping on one blanket with wood underneath – it was very cold. The ShelterBox has also given us strength and brought the community closer together. We’ve never seen anything like it and it will help us rebuild our lives.’