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ShelterBox thanks Scouts for their help in Haiti

ShelterBox has thanked the Scouts in Haiti for helping put up tents after the Haiti earthquake.

Scout groups in the devastated country used their skills to help those in need of shelter, even though many of them lost their own homes in the January quake too.

Tom Henderson and Ben Spurway from the disaster relief charity ShelterBox visited some of these big-hearted Scouts recently at their base in Haiti.

Ben said: ‘When we arrived we visited the Scouts d’Haiti group. Mark Pearson from ShelterBox had already trained them in how to put up the tents when he arrived after the earthquake struck. So, within four hours the Scouts had put up 130 tents near to the Presidential Palace.

‘The Haitian scouts learned how to set up the tents to perfection within ten minutes. They put up another 400 tents in the Congress Camp on the outskirts of Port au Prince and for their help we will be forever grateful.

‘The commitment they showed and the success of the camp management went a long way to helping us successfully give our boxes to those most in need.’

Many of the scouts lost family members of their own during the disaster but they were still committed to helping others.

The Scouts d’Haiti group were given 10 boxes so some of them could have emergency shelter.

Tom Henderson, who founded ShelterBox, said: ‘I had the pleasure of meeting the whole Scout group and senior Scouts to thank those who have been busy working with our volunteers throughout Haiti.

‘Without them we would not have been able to do half the work that we have done.

It’s satisfying for us to think that, yet again, the Scouts that we have worked with from around the world and on this occasion in Haiti - have stepped forward to take on the challenge to put tents up for those most in need.’