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Helensburgh Explorer Scouts prove even Disaster can be fun

Members of Helensburgh Explorer Scouts have been learning about the reality of disaster relief by taking part in Operation ShelterBox. This is a series of activities designed to put the young people in the shoes of a ShelterBox Operations Team responsible for delivery of these life saving boxes of essentials to those suffering the effects of man made or natural disasters all around the globe. This can be found on our youngshelterbox website in the scouts area.

The Explorers first learned about ShelterBox disaster relief work by examining specific disaster scenarios, assessing various sources of information and then deciding whether ShelterBox should respond and send aid.

The next challenge for the Explorers was to decide what disaster relief equipment they would pack in a ShelterBox. During this activity, Explorers investigated the life saving contents of a ShelterBox and discovered how this varied depending on the nature of the disaster and its location.

Other challenges saw the Explorers having to make all the arrangements necessary to get a ShelterBox Response Team volunteer to the scene of a disaster and evaluating different locations to find the most suitable to set up a ShelterBox camp. These activities encouraged the Explorers to debate different options, weigh up the pros and cons and make potentially very difficult decision.

We didn’t realise how much work was involved in sending out help.” Said Liam Watson aged 14.

Two members of Rotary International attended a Unit meeting to speak about their involvement with ShelterBox and they brought with them a ShelterBox. The Explorers were able to examine the equipment and get a better understanding of the type of life saving equipment provided by a ShelterBox. Nick who is new to the unit, was amazed when he poured muddy water into a water filter then opened the tap and hey presto clean drinkable water came out to the chorus of AWESOME !

The Explorers had planned to carry out a Sponsored Sleepover to raise money to buy a Shelterbox and as the Rotarians very kindly left a demo box the Sleepover took place using the actual kit. So on Friday 12th March , whilst you were wrapped up in the warm, the Explorers were camping out in the middle of Helensburgh and will be only too keen to tell you just how cold it was!

The efforts of the Explorers and the generosity of their sponsors means they have raised enough to buy two ShelterBoxes when all the money is collected!