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ShelterBox helps orphans in Haiti

ShelterBox has been continuing to provide relief to Haiti following the devastating earthquake that hit the country on January 12 2010. Many of the tents that have been supplied by ShelterBox have gone to help the countries orphans such as Orilande whose orphanage is now made up of ShelterBox tents.

Orilande was born in Haiti just days before the earthquake hit but sadly lost both of her parents in the disaster. Orilande was just one of many orphans that have stories like this.

On a recent deployment to Haiti, ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Jodie Hurt met Orilande whilst visiting her orphanage.

‘This orphanage was one of many we had provide our tents to,’ Jodie said. ‘There were so many children who had stories like Orliande, it was heartbreaking.

‘I was taken aback by the happiness of the children. They were singing, dancing, just full of smiles. I asked myself, “How could this be after losing their parents, their communities and going through one of the worst ever disasters?" I was amazed and it’s a struggle to find the words to describe their courage.’

More than 27,000 ShelterBoxes have been sent to Haiti since that tragic day in January and work still continues to provide shelter for those who need it most.