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September Scout challenge comes up with some tasty treats

2010 is ShelterBox’s 10 year anniversary and to celebrate ShelterBox teamed up with The Scout Association for the ShelterBox Challenge. Each month the ShelterBox Challenge features a different themed activity. In September the theme was ‘Tasty Treats’.

Scout, Beaver and Cub groups from around the UK entered into the spirit of the ‘Tasty Treats’ theme , baking a selection of edible delights.

1st St Lawrence Beaver Scout Group rose to the challenge assembling biscuit ShelterBoxes. Using Nice biscuits and green icing the group constructed small boxes, finished off with pre-prepared edible ShelterBox logos. The boxes were a success with the most heard quote of the evening being ‘Can we eat them yet?’

5th Carmarthen Scout Group paid homage to some of the countries ShelterBox had deployed to in their culinary creations assembling native dishes from India, Mexico, Italy and Australia. The teams followed recipes cooking over an open wood fire and a tasty evening was had by all.

October’s ShelterBox Challenge theme is water conservation. The challenge looks to highlight the lack of clean water in some areas affected by disaster and how ShelterBox helps to provide equipment to make contaminated water safe to drink. Look out for some more creative fundraising next month!