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Cornish ShelterBox response member heads out to Indonesia.

Jodie Hurt, who has previously shared her experiences on deployments with YSB is again deploying with ShelterBox. This time Jodie is heading to Indonesia to deliver emergency aid after a deadly tsunami struck the countries coast.

Jodie Hurt, aged 34, owns Tigger Too Day Nursery in Truro and is used to working and helping children in her day time job. During her work for ShelterBox Jodie has also helped lots of children and their families when they have lost their homes in a disaster.

Jodie doesn’t yet know what to expect when she gets to Indonesia as the weather is still very bad in the affected area. However the tsunami was triggered by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck 20 kilometres beneath the ocean floor off the island of Sumatra. Reports say that the massive wave swept up to 600 meters inland some places. Close to 300 people have lost their lives and it is feared scores of costal villages could have been wiped off the map.

Jodie, who is passionate about the work she does, said: ‘My first deployment to Peru made me realize just how important the work of ShelterBox is. It may seem like just a box to some, but it’s amazing how many view it as a lifeline, an opportunity to build up a community in the wake of such abject destruction. And wherever I have gone it is both heartbreaking and heart-warming top see the smiles of the children that I help. They remind me why this job is worthwhile.’