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Young ShelterBox goes global at World Scout Jamboree


Tens of thousands of teenagers are due to explore the world of international disaster relief at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree. The event, which is attended by approximately 40,000 Scouts from 120 countries, is taking place in Sweden where ShelterBox representatives are ready to promote the charity’s work through a series of exciting activities. 

Speaking from the event, James Webb, a member of the Young ShelterBox team said: ‘It’s fantastic too see so many young people from around the world in one place. Everyone’s here to have a great time and discover more about international issues.’
Young ShelterBox is a programme of exploration and discovery for young people between the ages of 5 and 16. At the international event, the team are running an obstacle course that focuses on ShelterBox’s work where Scouts will build bridges, transport water and much more as they compete for the fastest time.
ShelterBox are also involved with another area of the jamboree, where Scouts are encouraged to think about natural disasters and their affects on families involved. 
Over the next ten days, tens of thousands of Scouts are expected to learn about ShelterBox and discover how they can make a positive contribution to a global community.
For more information on Young ShelterBox and ShelterBox’s partnership with the Scout Association, please click here. 
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