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Scouts made 'tentless' at World Scout Jamboree

It may not have been the hurricane or monsoon conditions that ShelterBox are used to, but rain has left Scouts without warm, safe accommodation at the World Scout Jamboree.

After two days of almost constant downpours, a group of 14 French Polynesian Scouts found their tents destroyed and their equipment soaked at the 40,000 person event in southern Sweden. International disaster relief charity, ShelterBox, which is an official partner of The Scout Association, came to the aid of the newly homeless Scouts.

Sylvie, the Scout Leader accompanying the group said, 'It's great that ShelterBox were able to help. Our Scouts would have been sleeping in the rain otherwise.'

ShelterBox, which is attending the jamboree to promote its disaster relief work, were able to provide two of their specially designed tents to keep the Scouts dry and warm.

Lizzy Treglown, a ShelterBox Response Team volunteer at the event, said, ‘Although on a much smaller, less serious scale, the situation was remarkably similar to conditions we face in the field. A group of people were left without shelter following terrible weather conditions. We were delighted to offer a solution.’

To say thank you, the French Polynesian Scouts performed a ‘wahaka’, a traditional custom, for the ShelterBox representatives.

‘It was incredible to experience. I’ve seen the New Zealand All Blacks perform something similar but seeing it in person was completely different.’ Lizzy said.

The tents provided to the French Polynesian Scouts will be used by ShelterBox Sweden to raise awareness of the charity’s work after the jamboree.