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Young ShelterBox Book Launch!

Every year ShelterBox asks UK primary school pupils across the country to draw or paint their own interpretations of disasters – volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes – to be published in a Young ShelterBox book by Claire White. This year, against the backdrop of ShelterBox’s work with Syrian refugees, the inspiration was ‘conflict’.

The best of hundreds of entries were selected by a panel led by best-selling children’s author and illustrator Michael Foreman. His friend and fellow author Michael Morpurgo endorsed this project with some very special words, placed on the back cover of ‘The Day the Bombs Fell’. He writes:

‘We cannot imagine how it must be for those millions of refugees in Syria. Best to try and think of one family, traumatised and grieving, displaced, often starving and sick, with no home but a tent.

'Little by little we can make a difference'

‘Every day, as the powerful of Syria and of the world play political football with the lives of the people of Syria, the millions suffer on, become more millions, day after day, year after year. But we can help a little. I can help a little, you can help a little. Together we can bring some aid, some care, some comfort, a little. A little is better than none. Little by little we can make a difference, make life bearable at least.

‘Remember. To those who have so little, a little is a lot. Remember. To survive is to hope. Let's help them to survive, let's bring them hope. Let's help ShelterBox bring them hope.’

In this photo slideshow we see the young competition winners at the launch of ‘The Day the Bombs Fell’ at London’s Free Word Centre in early November:

See the slideshow online here

‘The Day the Bombs Fell’ is available to purchase as a glossy paperback at just £4 here. Give the gift of shelter this holiday season.