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ShelterBox & Scouts in the UK 

Welcome to the Scouts’ area of the Young ShelterBox website! ShelterBox’s partnership with The Scout Association offers lots of fantastic opportunities for Scouts to explore the world of international disaster relief.

So, from getting stuck into our Go Global programme browsing our Activity Library or taking part in the ShelterBox London Scavenger Hunt, you'll find plenty of exciting ways for everyone to be involved in these global themes.

‘The ShelterBox activities are absolutely superb. We conducted a ShelterBox themed camp over summer, using all of the activities available. We will be doing this again as the Scouts enjoyed it so much!’ Paul Bradford, Scout Leader

Lots of sections have already been helping ShelterBox by thinking up lively and creative ways to fundraise. This amazing support allows us to continue helping people all over the world who have lost everything after a disaster so THANK YOU!

Remember! If you’ve been involved in any ShelterBox activity, we’d love to hear from you. Why not email us your stories?

ShelterBox & Scouts abroad 

ShelterBox has a strong history of working with Scouts in disaster zones.

Since the first disaster response in 2001, there have been occasions when Scouts have assisted our ShelterBox Response Teams to distribute aid to families affected by disaster. They have worked tirelessly, despite what they may have been through themselves.

Socks 4 Syria! 

Nine million children, women and men have now fled their homes to escape the worsening violence in Syria. As part of ShelterBox’s appeal to provide shelter, educational packs for the children and other essential aid to more displaced Syrian families, we are inviting schools, youth groups, workplaces and clubs to take part in an exciting and unique event.

The idea is simple: Ask everyone to show their silly, odd or colourful socks for the day and bring in a donation. It’s a great way to bring people together whilst raising vitally needed funds. We even have free resources to help young people learn more about this global issue. Further information about the Socks 4 Syria appeal can be found on our ShelterBox website.