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Book illustration competition 2014: The day the wind blew

Once again ShelterBox and children’s author and illustrator Michael Foreman are challenging UK primary school pupils to bring a unique disaster story to life with their pictures.

The Day The Wind Blew is a story we have written to encourage reflection and understanding.  All it needs now is illustration!  We want children across the nation to explore this global theme and through their artwork help others think about it too.
Michael Foreman will select the winning pictures to be published in our 5th disaster book.  The winners will be invited to an exciting London book launch, where they will take part in a special illustration workshop with Michael!
A perfect opportunity to inspire children to explore emotion through art. We were extremely moved at the sensitivity and appreciation with which our children tackled the illustration project – really tapping into and depicting humanitarian issues.” Michelle Thompson, King Charles School, Cornwall

One day the wind blew.
A strong breeze raced through the trees and clothes danced on the line.
On our way to school the breeze became a gale.
A great gust grabbed my hat.
A big blast blew us along the road.
A powerful puff pushed a little one to the ground…

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In 2013 primary school pupils were challenged to illustrate a special tale about a community experiencing conflict, it was called The Day the Bombs Fell.
Michael Foreman and Claire White the author of the story picked the winners whose work is now published in our latest disaster book, The Day The Bombs Fell. The 23 winning illustrations and those awarded highly commended can be seen on our Flickr pages.
Books are a valuable addition to the classroom and available to buy in our ShelterBox Shop along with the first four titles The Day the Rain Came, The Day the Ground Shook, The Day The Sea Changed & The Day The Bombs Fell - £4 each.